We are almost finished with 2020, and although many of us will remember it as a year of loss, I hope you found a chance to reconnect with something forgotten, discover something new, or simply take a walk in the park. With gyms closed, events cancelled, and our favorite establishments finding new ways to serve their customers, we all looked for something else. And for many, that something else was parks. We witnessed the true value of parks come to the forefront, and provide much-needed relief – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Become an Ally with a donation of $150 or more and receive a picnic blanket, tote bag, and t-shirt. Subscribe for 2021 with a gift of $1,000 and receive this gift, plus a quarterly Ally Supply Box. “

Not only do we need your support, your help is also needed to spread the word about our work. Today, we are not only creating inspiring park spaces for a small number of transformative parks, but ensuring they are self-sustaining, maintained and programmed for future generations. Our work would not be possible without supporters like YOU. Now more than ever your parks need your help. Even a donation of $5 can make an impact. Click “Donate” and make a difference today.

THANK YOU for making this important work possible and helping us demonstrate the transformational power of parks. We’re thankful to have you as part of our team.