We witnessed the true value of parks come to the forefront, providing much-needed relief – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Hello parks people, Lori Hazlett here. President of The Parks Alliance.

As I reflect back on 2020 and recall the unforeseen change and loss that this year has brought for so many of us, I am reminded that this year also gave people across our community and world an opportunity to slow down. A chance to improve or enjoy new things like cooking, binging a show, reading, a trail walk, or picnic in the park. We witnessed the true value of parks came to the forefront, providing much-needed relief – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The Indianapolis Parks Foundation has also taken this opportunity to reflect and grow. For 30 years, we existed to subsidize the limited resources available to operate and maintain the Indy Parks’ system.

We have worked with city leaders to identify priorities in more than 200 parks throughout Marion County. Resulting in more than $80 million in new or improved amenities.

While this is significant, resources have been stretched and at times felt reduced. Recently, our board and staff have engaged in a process to identify strategic opportunities and maximize strengths. The result was a multi-year Strategic Action Plan that celebrates our history and launches us into a visionary, new approach.

This new approach began with a process to reengage existing supporters, generate new awareness, and reintroduce the organization to Indy under a fresh new name and look. In October we announced our new name and brand, The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis. Our new name is a reflection of the organization’s priorities – people and place. The Parks Alliance board and staff take pride in stewarding relationships with the people who care about place.

As the Parks Alliance, we will continue to work with communities and direct resources towards transformational parks and programs – defining what’s possible and exceeding expectations. Ensuring sustainability and inspiring change are long-term goals that 30-years of history, and support of people like you, has set us up to achieve.

What’s different is that we are not only creating inspiring park spaces for a small number of transformative parks for today, but ensuring they are self-sustaining, maintained and programmed for future generations. Demonstrating to neighbors, elected officials, and influential leaders what parks can be and why they are worth investing in will be a key outcome of work of The Parks Alliance.

Donate today and ensure the inspiring future of parks. Donate $150 to become a Parks Alliance Ally and receive a picnic blanket, t-shirt, and tote bag.

We are grateful for your continued support!


Cheers and blessings this season. And Happy New Year!

Lori A. Hazlett

President & CEO | The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis