Indy Urban Acres Farmer, As’Samada Yarbro Abdul-Haqq has farmed with us for a long time! She loves to get her hands dirty, she is a queen of the string trimmer, and loves a freshly harvested tomato of any variety. As’Samada is always hard at work and a big part of our farm family.

Have fun “meeting” As’Samada in this Q & A!

Q: What motivates you to farm?

Becoming one with the earth, and providing organic healthy produce to the community.



Q: How long have you been farming?

For about 8 years.



Q: What lessons can be taken from farming?

Great things come from hard work, perseverance and endurance. Keep pushing even when it seems tedious. You will find beauty in the most simple things.



Q: When you’re done farming for the day. What will you be doing?

Working or in my bed. Don’t come looking.



Q: What are you most proud of at IUA?

Feeding my peeps.



Q: Please complete this sentence: “To me parks mean…”

Freedom to express one’s truest self and to access the inner child.



Q: You have 3 seconds to choose a karaoke song. What would you sing?

Don’t stop believing- Journey

That was just a little bit of As’Samada! Maybe catch her at the farm next season!


Follow the farm and As’Samada at @parksalliancein and @indyurbanacres