Farmer Tyler believes the potential impact of Indy Urban Acres just doubled. Read how.

The farm season used to have distinct start dates and end dates. We generally start planting in the field after the threat of frost has passed in the Spring (early May) and we wind down when the first frost has come in the Fall (late October).
Growing and donating 60,000 lbs. of produce in our community in those short months goes by so fast.
In the Fall of 2012, we built a 4,000 sq. ft. greenhouse that would allow us to operate more or less year round. Not only could we extend the seasons in either direction to produce more food but also to grow more plants in the winter months. Those plants become more food for the community, and through our annual Indy Urban Acres Plant Sale those plants become food for thousands of gardens throughout the city. With help from our friends at Eco Logic, our production could potentially double in 2022.
Eco Logic, an ecological restoration and green infrastructure firm based in Bloomington contacted a member of our team about a greenhouse that they weren’t using anymore, wondering if we would be interested in having it. “Of course”, we said.
This is huge for the farm as it will allow us to grow more plants for the community and expand our plant sale and we are extremely grateful for their support. More plants equals more food!
If you would like to support the farm go to for updates. Online presale begins March 1 and the in-person plant sale is Mother’s Day weekend, May 7 & 8. Your purchase directly supports our mission to empower and educate people by providing equitable access to free, high quality produce.