Autumn Hodge is our Impact Coordinator and newest team member. Autumn just recently graduated IUPUI with a Bachelor of Science and Public Affairs in Sustainable Management and certification in public policy. Autumn is an Indiana native with a passion for the natural world, hiking, and puzzles.

Read on to see how she transitioned from student to full-time with The Parks Alliance.

When the end of my second-to-last semester of college got closer I slowly began to panic about what I would do after graduation. I didn’t have much time before it was really time to begin “adulting”. By the beginning of my last semester, I had secured an internship that gave me the opportunity to meet some really cool people like Allie Kast and Sara Hindi (hi, ladies!) My ideas about what I wanted to do weren’t solid but with a few nudges in the right direction, I applied and was offered the role of Impact Coordinator at The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis!   

Since beginning at The Parks Alliance in March, I have been thrown into a busy and crazy time – like real “adulting” on my hands. I’m proud to have secured a degree I’ve worked very hard for and become a part of a team that I’m really excited to grow with.  

In only my third week on the team, I was happy to be a part of Indy’s Lunch for Parks presented by AES Indiana, our largest fundraiser of the year and meet so many new parks people. My biggest achievement for that event was helping organize name tags, which if you talk to anyone else in the office, aren’t always the most welcomed task. I also helped communicate with vendors and learn more about the behind-the-scenes planning that goes into such a big event. And of course, the highlight of helping vendors was getting a Tesla into the JW Marriot – wow. I mean how many people can say they helped transfer heavy duty plastic wrap, in hop-scotch style and successfully positioned a high-quality EV car into a hotel – and this was only week 3! 

Outside of getting ready for our biggest event of the year I’m excited to coordinate volunteers at Indy Urban Acres. One of my main passions that has developed from my time at IUPUI was volunteering and I knew that with wherever my career path took me I wanted to remain active in the community. When I first talked to Ashley Miser about this part of the job during the interview process, I was so excited about the potential of bringing people out to the farm and spreading awareness about the remarkable things Indy Urban Acres does. Getting to know different people and organizations by helping with volunteers is one of the best parts of volunteerism. 

To say the least, I couldn’t be happier with where I landed – and before I even graduated. I honestly thought it would be difficult to find a career that blended my passions and goal to make a difference in the world but I’m in and I’m super excited. 

I’m thrilled to be part of an organization and team where I know I can grow, learn, and continue developing a passion for civic engagement, Indy parks, and equitable opportunities for all.