If you haven’t bitten into a 4 Birds Bakery cookie you’re missing out. This well-loved local shop has existed for several years, and its current owner, Jenna. Unrue has spent over fifteen years working in the restaurant industry in Indy and beyond.  

Each month 4 Birds Bakery chooses a local charity to support with their “Cookie of the Month” benefit program and this August they’ve lovingly chosen Indy Urban Acres, an initiative of The Parks Alliance.  

As a refresher, Indy Urban Acres is a multi-disciplinary farm on Indy’s east side that harvests and distributes nearly 60,000 pounds of local, fresh produce for free to community partners. The mission of Indy Urban Acres is to educate and empower people experiencing food insecurity by providing access to free produce. 

Throughout August you can support this urban farm movement while sinking your teeth into a 4 Birds Bakery sweet corn cookie. We highly encourage you to order a batch to share or keep for yourself.  

Read our FAQ below to learn how you can get your cookie-monster hands on this sweet treat. 


Q: Where can I buy a single or batch order of the sweet corn cookie benefitting Indy Urban Acres? 

A: These cookies will be available through Market Wagon, the 4 Birds Bakery online shop and at each event 4 Birds Bakery will be at including: 

  • Saturday, August 6 | Popat up 4 Birds Bakery on August 6 |Link to event details  
  • Saturday, August 13 | Garfield Park Farmers Market  
  • Saturday, August 27 | Garfield Park Farmers Market  
  • Saturday, August 27 | Feast of Lanterns Festival |Link to event details  


Q: How much is my cookie purchase support Indy Urban Acres? 

A: For each 4-pack purchased, $2 is donated back to Indy Urban Acres!

Q: When does this campaign start? 

A: The sweet corn cookie will be available and benefitting Indy Urban Acres from August 1 – August 31 (while supplies last)

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