Farming is what I love to do, getting to the fields early, putting in an honest day’s work, and repeat. That is therapeutic for me. To do this repetitive schedule for a mission I firmly believe in is icing on the urban farm cake. Indy Urban Acres is more than a physical space, this urban farming mission is meant to disrupt Indy’s food system for the better, to provide access to free, high-quality produce to 200+ families in our city.  

And I couldn’t do this alone.  

Our team of farmers and I work hard for six months planting, harvesting, and distributing tens of thousands of pounds of fresh produce (from just 4 acres of land). All this food is provided at no cost to food pantries and through our Veggie Bag Outreach program in our community. So, you can imagine that by the time our largest fundraising event comes around in September, we are quite physically exhausted. Yet, we find the energy to celebrate. Farmraiser Season Nine presented by Citizens Energy Group couldn’t come at a better time because it means summer has come to a close and we can take a moment to reflect and be proud the work we’ve done and plan for the year ahead.  

During the farming season it’s difficult to find the time to reflect, to talk with others about what we do, and the impact fresh produce can have on families who need one less stress in their lives. At Farmraiser, we can celebrate a season of accomplishments, talk with hundreds of likeminded people about our goals for the next year, and raise dollars to further our mission.  

As I think about the upcoming Farmraiser Season, I’m excited to welcome so many friends and soon to be friends to Indy Urban Acres main farm site because it’s where I spend so many hours over the year. And I hope you’ll join me – and the entire team – to celebrate, lift a glass in celebration, and consider what’s next for our farming mission.  


I hope to see you there,  


Farmer Tyler  

Farmraiser Season Nine presented by Citizens Energy Group

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