In the heart of Indianapolis, there are dedicated and passionate parks professionals making a significant impact on the community.

One of those parks professionals is Amy Ratliff, Indy Parks Food Programs Manager. Her commitment to her role is truly inspiring, and her efforts have brought positive change to the lives of many residents in the city.

An Exciting Journey with Indy Parks

Amy Ratliff’s journey with Indy Parks began three years ago, and she has spent the last year as the Food Programs Manager. Her dedication to this position has been instrumental in the success of the food programs offered by Indy Parks.

A Day in the Life

A typical day in Amy’s life involves working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that Indy Parks’ food programs are fully compliant with federal regulations. She also seizes the opportunity to make site visits, observing how these programs operate at different locations. On Wednesdays, you can find her setting up and working at the food pantry at Riverside Park.

A Proud Member of Indy Parks Food Programs

Amy takes immense pride in her role at Indy Parks Food Programs. Among their notable initiatives is an after-school mobile unit that serves free meals to children 18 years old and under at three public libraries. They also partner with Second Helpings to provide family meals that can be taken home and heated later.

Fostering Community Relationships

One of Amy’s key roles is building and nurturing community relationships. She collaborates with various sites and partnerships, including libraries, after-school tutoring programs, day care centers, and Second Helpings, to provide essential resources to the community.

The Joy of Engaging with the Community

What Amy truly enjoys about her job is engaging with people. She often visits different park sites, watching children savor the meals and activities provided by Indy Parks. Working at the food pantry allows her to connect with weekly participants, discussing how they’re doing and receiving feedback on the food selection.

A Favorite Park: Highland Park

Highland Park holds a special place in Amy’s heart because of its inviting personality. It’s a testament to her deep connection to the parks and her commitment to making them accessible and enjoyable for all. Amy’s favorite park memory involves celebrating the 4th of July at Highland Park. Sitting on the hill with her grandchildren, they enjoy the sunset, play games, and eagerly await the spectacular downtown fireworks display.

A Vision for the Future

Amy envisions more community engagement and programming at some of the smaller parks. Her commitment to expanding and enhancing the park experience for the community reflects her dedication to making Indy Parks a place where everyone can come together and create lasting memories.

Amy Ratliff is not just a manager; she is a community builder, a park enthusiast, and an advocate for those in need. Her dedication to the Indy Parks Food Programs and her love for the parks themselves are evident in her daily work and her vision for the future. Indy Parks and the people of Indianapolis are fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate individual working to enhance the community’s well-being.