Tarkington Park is located in Maple Crossing near the intersection of 39th and Meridian. The Tarkington Park Master Plan was adopted by the City in November of 2012. The plan was a group effort of numerous area neighborhood plans, which called for area redevelopment, new investment, and improved public amenities. This park serves a diverse community in the Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, downtown Indy residents, and out-of-city visitors.


  • Children’s Play Area
  • Basketball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Splash Plaza
  • Cafe and Restrooms
  • New Walking Paths
  • New Lighting and Landscaping
  • Improved Street Crossings
  • Improved Parking
  • Lawn for Field Sports
  • Performance Shelter

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Here at Tarkington is probably the best example of a consensus that has been reached by many different neighborhood associations… To have something like this happen, you do have to build consensus among all of the neighborhood associations, and when that consensus — it’s hard to achieve — but when that consensus happens, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge parks can result.
Joe Hogsett
Mayor of Indianapolis

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