We exist to support transformational parks and to inspire the community to action. We invite you to join us for our signature events, explore our active projects, and take action today to ignite meaningful change in our parks system.


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With accessible, safe, and fun parks, we are setting up our communities to thrive and be better connected to our neighbors.
The Parks Alliance helps to ensure that Indy has a healthy and vibrant parks system, which is a vital component of a thriving 21st-century city.
Parks are the ultimate equalizer because they are truly for everyone; they don’t care how much money you have, what color your skin is, or what language you speak.
Parks are important for our community because they bring people together.
Parks are havens for the young and old, for rest or recreation, and for tranquility or distraction. They fill voids and create possibility.
Lesley Gordon
Public Affairs and Partnerships, IndyGo
Michael Twyman
Founder, InExcelsis Consulting
Ryan Cambridge
Senior Associate, Browning Day
Tanya Sovinski
Director of Community Relations, Indianapolis Power & Light Company
Victoria Temple
CEO, The Schneider Corporation

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